Miclectic Apparel

Miclectic Apparel is about more than just looking/feeling fashionable.

The brand’s ethos is to ACKNOWLEDGE, ADVOCATE & EDUCATE through stylish and attractive clothing.

ACKNOWLEDGE. The first step to positive change in this world is acknowledgment. Once people are able to admit to themselves that an issue in society is actually present in and around them, they become one step closer to being part of the solution.

ADVOCATE. Whether an issue in society affects you or not; once you have acknowledged it’s there, a lightbulb moment or a spark of inspiration to DO something may present itself. Some Miclectic causes will be more powerful than others, but each one will have a story– a purpose that the wearer can share with others and ADVOCATE for a cause.

EDUCATE. All in all, the main goal is to encourage learning something everyday. To EDUCATE and be EDUCATED in the things that are happening in this world, to the people around you and across the globe. Education and awareness will lead to impactful conversations and start dialogues about both universal and individual truths that will enrich our shared human experience.

If you have any questions about a collection or would like to share your own story, contact us today!

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