Stories: Don’t Touch 001

It’s important to us that our customers are not only happy with their apparel, but also have a platform to express their own truth. Here is our first of many #DontTouchStories from one of our day one supporters, Shalisa Miller:

It’s difficult to navigate the world when you have dark skin. Where most others slide through spaces with ease, those with melanin spend significant time bending to fit. Impossible: the word describing the maintenance of such strenuous scaling down of one’s spirit.

Don’t Touch is not a motto or a slogan. It’s not cute or cool. It’s a personal mantra reminding me I am worthy of the sacredness of space to both stand out and belong. That my body, in all it’s glory, in all it’s politic, belongs to me. I do not have to give myself up, I do not wince under the pressure to rise to the standard of others. I am my own.

Shalisa Miller is a blogger/photographer/screenwriter extraordinaire. Find her here: Unacknowledged Legislature

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